30 Day Challenge for October 2013


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My 30 day challenge for September 2013 is over, which was no dining out for the entire month. It went fairly well, and I’ll write up my results later this week.

My 30 day challenge for October 2013 is this:

Obtain my Google Analytics Individual Certification by studying 30 minutes per day.

This requires a little preparation. Google provides a study guide, which provides most of the information needed. The guide has video tutorials, and lots of other great information. Many of the Internet Marketing destination sites also have plenty of information to help – often from people already certified.

This is an important challenge for several reasons:

  1. I use Analytics on a daily basis.
  2. Even though I use it on a daily basis, there are many buried features and “dimensions” of the product I don’t often use. So even though I know A LOT about Analytics, there is much I don’t know – probably enough that I wouldn’t pass the exam were I to take it today.
  3. Because I know Analytics enough to do my job well but not enough to pass the certification exam, this is one of those things I have put off doing for OVER A YEAR. For instance, last year one of my goals was to obtain my certification before the end of 2012. Gulp.
  4. Lastly, it’s an important step towards a consultancy idea I would like in place by 2014.
  5. I embedded my tracker below to hold myself accountable for my daily regimen.

I will take the test during the first week of November sometime and then report my results back here.

Wish me luck!

One Response to “30 Day Challenge for October 2013”

  1. Keith Penn says:

    From what I remember of the Analytics exam, it was very big on tracking codes, stripped parameters, cross-domain foolishness, and segmentation. A lot of topics were unfamiliar to me before I got serious about the test.

    This is a great challenge which shows you’re better positioned to run an Analytics account than most!

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